Ozaktas was established in 1992 to be in the spare parts sector of the automotive industry. Since its foundation, the main activities are cutting and forming of sheet metal and bar iron. To operate the main activities, all necessary functions such as design and manufacturing of the cutting&forming dies, aparatus&fixtures,plastic injection molds,welding&controlling fixtures are realised inside the company by our technical staff.
In our machine park, different capacities from 15 tons to 200 tons of hydrolic and eccentric presses, guillotine shearing machine, spot,mig & arc welding machines, revolver lathes,tube & profile iron cutting and twisting machines,cnc vertical work center, cnc lathe are used to satisfy the customer requests.
Moulding workshop does not only meet the orders of the inside departments but also meets the customers’ requests from outside of the company for the design and manufacture of the dies.
Our capacity for the cutting & forming in the metal sheet and iron bar is approximetly 1000 tons per year with the total30 administrative and technical staff.
Ozaktas has been certified according to the standard of DIN EN ISO 9001,2000 edition by TSE in 2003, July.


Küçük Sanayi Sitesi 68. Blok No:18 BURSA
Tel       : +90(224) 443 69 81 - 82
Fax      : +90(224) 443 69 83
E-mail  : info@ozaktas.com.tr

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